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Get your piano tuned or have it moved by Notable Piano Services, a professional company offering many piano services in Nashville, Tennessee and surrounding areas. Having graduated in 2010 from L.B. Crabb School of Piano Technology in Atlanta, Georgia, Steven Spain, owner of Notable Piano Services, is now offering his piano services in Nashville, Tennessee.

Put your trust in experience and knowledge when it comes to taking care of your piano. A professional musician, Steven understands the importance of keeping a musical instrument in good working condition, especially a piano with its hundreds of parts that have to work in conjunction with each other for it to work to optimum performance.

We offer many services including piano tuning, voicing, regulation, rebuilding, humidity control, insurance appraisals, moving, storage and purchase consultations.

Let us tune your piano today. Our piano tuning service is prompt and professional. We can offer same day service, at very reasonable prices. Don't trust your valued instrument with fly by night companies out to make a fast buck. Our staff is number one in customer satisfaction.

We perform an extensive inspection of your piano before starting the tuning process, checking everything from the soundboard to the tuning pins, and after the checkup, we will get your piano to a 440 (Universal standard pitch). The process takes about an hour.

Trust us to move your precious instrument. We specialize in moving any type of piano whether it is a 9' Steinway Grand or a small upright. We take great care with your prized possession and tailor the move accordingly with additional staff if needed. We also pick up your unwanted pianos for free.

Rebuilding your piano includes services like refinishing the case, restoring the soundboard, putting in new tuning pins, replacing and restoring keys and keytops and much more. Let us appraise a piano you are interested in purchasing to ensure you are getting the best product for your money; we also appraise pianos for insurance claims and estates.

Call us today at 615-881-9619 with any questions; we are glad to help.

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